WHO – What is going on? w/James Roguski

WHO has been trying to POWER GRAB the world in 2 ways over the last year or more:
– A brand new Pandemic Treaty
– Ammendments to the existing 194 country IHR agreement

Watch is the second interview with James Roguski, who is maybe the best WHO independent researcher around these days, as he is exposing the WHO Power Grab attempts.

00:00 Intro
01:00 The Pandemic is over (declared by President Biden)
03:30 How to handle the next Pandemic
04:30 Medical crisis declaration (https://medicalcrisisdeclaration.com/)
05:50 James Roguski substack (https://jamesroguski.substack.com/)
12:00 WHO attempts to Power Grab the world
25:00 Energy Crisis Vs. WHO Power Grab
31:25 Freedom of Information Act (Aktindsigt)
35:00 What could go wrong? (regarding WHO Power Grab)
44:19 How do we organize ourselves to oppose WHO?
53:00 WHO live video sessions exposing Danish Health Minister
56:45 WHO session used to bash Russia instead of health discussions
01:00:00 Are the WHO officials liars or hypnotized?
01:01:15 Ask questions instead or trying to convince people
01:05:40 Outro

Link to the first interview with James Roguski here:

Follow the Danish Telegram channel “WHO Pandemic Treaty/IHR Amendments – DK”:

Link to StopTheWHO.com:


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